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Various articles looking at the vaccination debate.

NOTE: The mercury-based preservative thiomersal (which was formerly used in childhood vaccines) is known as 'thimerosal' in the USA.


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Related to the 'Jabs and junk science' link above, this is the original judgment passed by Lord Justice Sedley in the June 2003 court case arising from the conflict between estranged parents over whether their children should receive vaccinations.

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This is the July 2003 judgment in the appeal passed by Lord Justice Sedley regarding the court case in the link above. He concluded that "the medical evidence relied on by the two mothers to show that vaccination is dangerous and unnecessary was untenable. Dr Donegan's report was based on no independent research, and most of the published papers cited by her in support of her views turned out either to support the contrary position or at least to give no support to her own. Not to mince words, the court below was presented with junk science." [Dr Jayne Donegan, a GP and homeopath, appeared as an expert witness.]

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The story of a 12-year-old young man — who had never been immunised — who was brought to an Emergency Department by his family after two weeks of decreased appetite, mood swings, problems at school, and the recent development of brief full body shakes and slurred speech. He was diagnosed with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, a rare sequelae of infection with the measles virus which may occur years after the primary infection and leads to death usually within 2-3 years. By Clay Bartram, M.D. and paediatrician (22nd March 2006)

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"A growing number of campaigners believe that autism is the result of mercury toxicity, caused, at least in part, by the mercury-based preservative thiomersal (thimerosal in the USA) formerly used in childhood vaccines. Many parent activists claim that chelation therapy has produced dramatic improvements in their children." The tragic death of a five-year-old autistic boy in the USA following treatment with mercury chelation reveals the dangers of alternative therapies. Article by Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, Spiked Health Online (4th November 2005)

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Chickenpox Vaccination Safer, Surer Than Deliberately Infecting Kids'. WebMD Medical News (via Fox News) (29th September 2005)

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A critical review of the the work of prominent anti-immunisation research scientist, Dr Viera Scheibner. By Dr Stephen Basser, The Skeptic Journal (13th January 2005)

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An injection of perspective into the debates about vaccines, past and present. Essay by Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, author of 'MMR and Autism: What Parents Need to Know', Spiked Health (9th September 2004)

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Parents-led anti-vaccination groups are becoming hugely influential. But the information they provide is often extremely dodgy, argues Michael Fitzpatrick. The Guardian (8th September 2004) [Also see the two links immediately below]

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"Sensationalist media, religious fanatics, and alternative medical practitioners fanned the fires created by questionable research to spawn worldwide epidemics of a disease that had almost been forgotten." Article by William John Hoyt, Jnr, CSICOP On-line (January 2004)

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"…Unvaccinated children are not only vulnerable themselves but may put others at risk." Article by Emily Gurnon, North Coast Journal (21st August 2003)