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Energy therapies

Why Therapeutic Touch Should Be Considered Quackery

Concludes that there is no evidence that the energy transfer postulated by proponents actually occurs, and that it is safe to assume that any reactions to the procedure are psychological responses to the laying on of hands. Article by Stephen Barrett, M.D. (Quackwatch)

Touch Therapy — Fact or Fraud?

"There are no properly done studies supporting touch therapy nor is there even theoretical support that it should work. People claiming to detect and treat "disturbed energy fields" are claiming magical abilities."

Experimental Protocol: Therapeutic Touch

This protocol's results can be added to a succession of experiments that, since the 18th century, have never yielded a positive result. Observatoire Zetetique, Skeptic Report (July 2004)

Nursing irrationality

"No well-designed study has demonstrated any health benefit from therapeutic touch." Article by Sarah Glazer, Spike Health Online (11th October 2001)

Evidence-Based Practice and Reviews of Therapeutic Touch

Reviews of therapeutic touch literature published in nursing journals between 1994 and 1998. In many reviews, research cited as indicating the efficacy of therapeutic touch indicated it was ineffective. Every review examined had at least one significant mistake concerning how research studies were represented. Journal of Nursing Scholarship (September 2000)

The Pseudophysics of Therapeutic Touch

Article by Victor J. Stenger, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, University of Hawaii, and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, University of Colorado, USA (2000)

A close look at therapeutic touch

Twenty-one experienced TT practitioners were unable to detect the investigator's "energy field". Their failure to substantiate TT's most fundamental claim is unrefuted evidence that the claims of TT are groundless and that further professional use is unjustified. L. Rosa, E. Rosa, L. Sarner, and S. Barrett, Journal of the American Medical Association (April 1998) [Also see link below]

The Touch of Life

"Despite its anti-scientific roots, lack of credible evidence, and rejection by mainstream medicine, therapeutic touch has found a home in the nursing profession, where it has put down deep roots." A critical review of Therapeutic Touch by Steven Novella, M.D., Science & Pseudoscience Review in Mental Health (1998)