What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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A group of [Australia’s] top medical experts has condemned the planned launch of a new university course to train chiropractors, denouncing it as "non-science" that could encourage the provision of dangerous treatments to children. The group of 35 experts, including the cervical cancer vaccine inventor Ian Frazer, public hospital physician John Dwyer and Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton, have signed an open letter urging Central Queensland University to reconsider its plans to launch the course, due to accept its first intake of about 30 HECS-funded undergraduates in March. The letter to the university's Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Graham Pegg, and Dean of Medical and Applied Sciences, Grant Stanley, expresses "concern about the increasing numbers of universities that are allowing non-evidence-based 'pseudo' disciplines to be offered to their students". Adam Cresswell, Health Editor, The Australian (3rd December 2011)