What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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In recent years, the danger of using bear bile has continually been highlighted by the medical community in both China and Vietnam. In 2008, Dr Wang Sheng Xian, a Chengdu-based Chinese pathologist, warned about the use of bear bile being harmful to people. At the same time, Dr Dang van Duong, Chief Pathologist at the Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi said he was shocked by the condition of the bears used for bile extraction and urged consumers to think twice before taking bear bile. Click here to read the full report. More recently, in 2010, reports of poisoning caused by bear bile surfaced and medical professionals again warned against its use — Experts warn against the use of bear bile. Vietnam’s highest-ranking traditional medicine practitioner has repeatedly warned consumers to stop taking bear bile products or risk liver and kidney damage – even death. Dr Nguyen Xuan Huong joined Animals Asia’s campaign to end bear bile farming after seeing the shocking effects of bile consumption on some of his patients, including two government officials who died after taking bear bile tonics: Warning, bear bile tonics can kill. Animals Asia report (September 2011)