What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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Jill has proven that her passion for protecting animals is relentless, she shares that there are many things we as consumers can do to support Animals Asia and the animals:
“We are killing this world and its species, breath by breath and this should compel us to make some changes for the benefit of all. Be a compassionate shopper and consumer. Consider your purchases wisely and don't buy fur, ivory, reptile skin, or Chinese medicine products containing any animal parts. Check in every shop that your purchases are ‘cruelty free’.  Don’t visit circuses or zoos that have performing wild animals - all you will learn from such cruel and demeaning performances are the size, shape and colour of the animals as they are led out for the only exercise they will see in the day.  Once you leave, majestic tigers, elephants, bears and primates are caged and chained and prevented from engaging in any of the natural characteristics and behaviour they would exhibit in the wild. Think of where they would rather be - whipped and beaten into performing degrading tricks, or leading their natural lives in the wild.  As we continue rescuing more bears, obviously our costs will rise, so another urgent priority is fundraising. This is the best way people can help – either giving whatever they can afford, or joining one of our support groups to help raise funds. Even just telling everyone they know about the moon bears’ suffering and directing them to our website would be an enormous help,” Jill says.