What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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A skeptic’s email exchange on the topic of homeopathy with the Chief Executive of the Organic Farmers & Growers (or OF&G), a body which promotes an organisation called ‘Homeopathy at Wellie Level’ : “The main reason I am publishing this exchange (without permission, but I do not regard any of its content as reflecting badly on the OF&G or its employees) is so that we as interested observers of how these modalities proliferate can see the mindset that allows the hardcore advocates to exploit the indifference of anyone not engaged in active critical thinking. If anyone is in doubt as to why anyone should promote something that doesn’t work then a quick look around the internet shows veterinary practices, treatment manufacturers and training courses all of which employ people and provide a living for those who exploit non-specialists in this area. I am not suggesting that those individuals do it fraudulently (although I’m sure some do) but sitting quietly and accepting treatment practices which cost money and do nothing is unacceptable. It causes harm (in this case to animals) and generally adds to the overall background noise of approval for unproven alternative medicines. In time and unchecked this noise will become the mainstream voice and then we are all in deep, deep slurry…I hope eventually that issues flagged up in this blog will come to the attention of the wider farming and rural communities and as such improvements will be made in practice and animal welfare”. Ruralwoo blogspot (29th September 2011)