What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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Ear Candling is a home remedy often marketed as a way to remove excess earwax and to treat a variety of other medical conditions, but independent studies have consistently shown that they do not stand up to these claims. When an ear candle is used, often the candle or cone is cut open after application and inside a collection of debris is visible that resembles earwax. This debris however has been shown to be only residue from the candle itself. Since as early as 1993 The FDA has actively seized the products of some ear candle manufacturers, and has sent warnings and orders to stop selling the ear candles to many others. Some ear candle manufacturers skirt these legal issues by labelling their ear candles "for entertainment purposes only." It is illegal to sell ear candles in Canada even if labelled for entertainment purposes because Health Canada has determined there is no other reasonable purpose for ear candles except for the home health applications they have typically been associated with. In the United States, the FDA currently has a page dedicated to warning the public of the dangers of ear candling. Ear candles pose a fire risk, a risk to personal health and safety, and no scientific evidence has been shown to suggest they provide any health benefit whatsoever."