What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“…in a normal, healthy person the idea that waste products from our bodies might poison us is simply incorrect. Proponents of various detox therapies have never been able to demonstrate that their treatments actually decrease the level of any specific substance in the body. Such a thing would be very simple to demonstrate: name the toxin, measure its blood level before and after the treatment and compare the readings. If the level is lower after the detox treatment, the treatment worked. If the readings are the same, it didn’t. Why do those studies not exist? I suspect because the promoters of such treatments know very well that such a simple and easy experiment would not support their claims. Detoxification is also potentially hazardous to your health. A person might easily get the idea that they can over-indulge, i.e. poison his or her “system” with toxins, and then put everything right by applying this or that detox method. This could prompt many people to live unhealthy lifestyles in the belief they could avoid harm by periodic detoxification. The best way to stay healthy is to avoid unhealthy behaviors, rather than trying to reverse their effects once you get sick…What is the one substance that colonic irrigation and other detox treatments?…” [click on link to find out] Professor Edzard Ernst, Celebrity Diagnosis (6th October 2009)