What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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A medical doctor puts four questions to chiropractors based on the following evidence: “1. In 2010, a risk-benefit analysis of chiropractic manipulation of the neck found that the risk of any manipulation to the neck is not worth any possible benefit. (Ernst 2010); 2. In 2009, scholarly chiropractors found there is no evidence to support the idea of vertebral subluxation, which is the entire foundation of chiropractic manipulation. (Mirtz 2009); 3. As of now, the best evidence says that chiropractic manipulation, in its entirety, is only effective for certain types of chronic lower back pain, and it’s only as effective as some medical treatment with exercise. (Rubinstein 2011); 4. No systematic reviews have ever found cervical manipulation of the neck to be effective for the treatment of any disease; 5. Systematic reviews have found that “regular” or “preventative” chiropractic manipulation does not promote or in any way improve health, and have found that given the risks associated with chiropractic manipulation, there is no reason to recommend it to any patient. (Ernst 2009); 6. Children do not have fully ossified bones.” Skeptical Health (25th December 2011)