What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“A number of concerns around chiropractic practice have been raised recently. Another concern is the use of unproven diagnostic techniques which can produce false diagnoses for which patients are told that they require often lengthy courses of treatment. Such practices have been described recently by a former president of the Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria (in Australia), who said that some chiropractors misuse equipment such as thermography, and "phrases such as ...'attract new patients' and 'keep your patients longer in care', are common enticements for chiropractors to attend technique and practice management seminars.”… this case describes the use of an unproven diagnostic technique, leading to an incorrect diagnosis of a musculoskeletal problem in an asymptomatic individual resulting in worry, unnecessary cost, and in all likelihood, unnecessary X-rays and a prolonged course of a treatment that is not only unnecessary but also could lead to life-threatening adverse effects. Patients rightly assume that any diagnoses made by healthcare professionals, particularly those who call themselves doctors, are accurate and that any recommended treatments are supported by clinical research evidence, have a positive benefit/risk profile, and are, above all, necessary. The motive behind this practice appears to be to generate clients from healthy individuals."  Professor Shaun Holt, Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, Vol 124 No 1339 (29th July 2011) [Subscription]