What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“Conclusions The majority of chiropractors and their associations in the English-speaking world seem to make therapeutic claims that are not supported by sound evidence, whilst only 28% of chiropractor websites promote lower back pain, which is supported by some evidence. We suggest the ubiquity of the unsubstantiated claims constitutes an ethical and public health issue.” Edzard Ernst, Andrew Gilbey, Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association (9th April 2010) [pdf]

NOTE: In 2003, 69% of all UK chiropractors felt confident to treat visceral/organic conditions, currently this figure stands at 74%. In the US,“nearly 80% of chiropractors teach a relationship between subluxation and internal health”, 88% believe that subluxation contributes to over 60 % of all visceral ailments, and 90% feel that chiropractic treatments should not be limited to musculoskeletal conditions.