What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“The president of the British Chiropractic Council, Richard Brown, recently gave his account of the much publicised libel suit that the BCA instigated against Simon Singh. It makes fascinating reading. In the BCA's president's own words:
" … an army of scientists, sceptics and comedians was mobilised to disgrace, degrade and demolish the chiropractic profession. Cabinet ministers, BBC journalists and erstwhile Members of Parliament also joined the fray, determined to pitch in and use the case to reform what they claimed were Britain's draconian libel laws. In using the case as a powerful vehicle to promote his Sense About Science campaign, Singh's crusade mobilised a dark force of UK sceptics who suddenly found their raison d'etre, shifting their attention from the fairy tales of homeopathy to the cure-all claims of chiropractors. Following a call to action, an army of PC pilots and laptop lizards began a war which was to lead to one in three UK chiropractors facing formal disciplinary proceedings from its regulator, the General Chiropractic Council.”
And what was the outcome? Were the chiropractors who had been making unsubstantiated claims disciplined? The short answer is no. One is tempted to conclude that little has changed, but this would be wrong. It is too early to estimate the effects of the libel case on UK chiropractic.” Edzard Ernst, The Guardian (22nd February 2012)