What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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Recently the GCC distanced themselves from the concept of subluxation. Now the GCC has issued a reminder to UK chiropractors that:

  • when practising, the care they “select and provide must be informed by the best available evidence, the preferences of the patient and the expertise of practitioners…”
  • when advertising, claims for chiropractic care “…must be based on best research of the highest standard” only.

Meanwhile on 8 September it was announced that the ‘Alliance of UK Chiropractors’ is about to be founded, apparently in protest at the above actions…To make matters really exciting the BCA is apparently seeking the right for its members to prescribe drugs…It seems that UK chiropractic is heading for a division: the 'fundamentalists' are likely to adhere to the dogma of their founding fathers. Thus they might believe in the notion that 'subluxations' are the cause of all human diseases and treat them with spinal manipulation. GPs might want to think twice before referring patients to such practitioners.” Professor Edzard Ernst, Pulse (16th September 2010) [Free registration]