What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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"Sandy Nette, 46, who lives in Alberta, Canada, suffered a series of massive strokes after her chiropractor manipulated her neck and ripped two arteries...research increasingly shows that in about half cases, chiropractic can cause adverse effects. With extreme chiropractic movement of the neck, an artery can disintegrate and lead to a stroke, an outcome that is well-documented in medical literature...Sandy's chiropractor admitted to committing fraud and perjury. Initially he had claimed that Sandy had signed a form to undergo the manoeuvre that caused her cascade of strokes. But two years after the incident, he finally admitted, under oath, to faking her signature on medical records. He was handed a three-month suspension and is now forced to find his own insurance as the Canadian Chiropractic Protection Association will no longer insure him. Last year, a settlement was reached and the money Sandy and David received paid off the couple's debts after David was forced to leave his job to care for his wife." Daily Mail (18th August 2013)