What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“In most offices, a patient won’t even be adjusted on the first visit because the chiropractor will profess a need to ‘study the x-rays and exam findings’. That’s a flat out lie!...They won’t adjust you on the first visit because they want to prepare anticipation and a little anxiety for the next visit. They will also tell you to bring in your spouse or significant other for something called the Report of Findings or what I call The Big Sales Pitch, which usually involves the chiropractor comparing a patient’s personal x-rays to ‘normal’ ones. It’s then followed by an attempt to frighten the patient into a something called ‘Corrective Care Plan’, which could be a year long program that involves multiple office visits at $35-$55 each. Sometimes the office will try to sell one-year package that could be $2000 or $3000 or more for just one person. The question you have to ask is what it would cost to go to any other chiropractor for one person, for one adjustment, for one time?”