What alternative health

practitioners might not tell you



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“The College of Medicine is well known to be the reincarnation of the late unlamented Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health…It seems to be morphing into a major operator in the destruction of the National Health Service through its close associations with the private health industry…According to their web site ‘a founder of the College of Medicine is Capita’. Still more amazingly, the CEO of the College of Medicine [Mark Ratnarajah] is actually an employee of Capita too…Capita is, of course, a company with a huge interest in the privatisation of health care. It also has a pretty appalling record for ripping off the taxpayer. Capita were responsible for of the multimillion pound failed/delayed IT project for the NHS and HMRC. They messed up on staff administration services at Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust and the BBC where staff details were lost. They failed to provide sufficient computing systems for the Criminal Records Bureau, which caused lengthy delays. Capita were also involved in the failure of the Individual Learning Accounts following a £60M over-spend. And most recently, they have caused the near collapse of court translation services after their acquisition of Applied Language Services…One would have thought that such a close association with a company with huge vested interests would not be compatible with charitable status. I’ve asked the Charity Commission about that. The Charity commission, sadly, makes no judgements about the worthiness of the objects of the charities it endorses.” Professor David Colquhoun, DC Science (3rd May 2012)

Follow-up 5 May 2012 “…I see that the Prince of Wales himself, gave a speech at the [3rd May 2012 College of Medicine] conference…The speech, as usual, contributes precisely nothing.”