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Examples of dubious subluxation-based practices, and questionable advice, treatments, claims and promotions.


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More links about chiropractic practice-builders (Chirobase)

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Chiropractor Dr Holmquist says that "most modern chiropractors are running a racket of endless treatments". His 'do it yourself chiropractic care' handbook and video are offered as a solution to the problem.

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"The ChiroAcademy has found the biggest leaps in practice growth occur after the doctor masters the Report of Findings (ROF). Includes "How to motivate new patients to choose lifetime care".

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""B. J. Palmer [D. D. Palmer's son] was an example of a self-taught genius who understood and made strong use of the divine power that is within each of us -- Innate Intelligence. Throughout his life and within his teachings are examples of how Innate had helped him and instructed him, and how it can help others." (Academy of Upper Cervical Chiropractor Organizations)

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In a recent proclamation by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), the week of September 18th was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the first chiropractic adjustment on September 18th, 1895. (subluxaware.com)

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"I occupy in chiropractic a similar position as did Mrs. Eddy in Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy claimed to receive her ideas from the other world and so do I….. we must have a religious head, one who is the founder, as did Christ, Mohamed, Jo. Smith, Mrs. Eddy, Martin Luther and others who have founded religions. I am the fountain head. I am the founder of chiropractic…." (Reproduction of a letter from D.D. Palmer to P.W. Johnson, DC, dated 4th May 1911) [pdf]

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Comprehensive biographical information on the founder of chiropractic, D. D. Palmer. [pdf]

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Chiropractors urged to resort to legal threats against proper doctors to get customers back. Article by Dr. Ogi Ressel, World Chiropractic Alliance (August 2009)